We've been running an electrical, electronic, mechanical repair, service and renovation company for over 30 years in London and have now also been in New York for 10 years. We have the experience in repairing, servicing and renovating devices from old radios to computers, lamps, projectors, televisions just to name many of the hundreds of items. We are also an agent and trained by most of the reputable manufacturers. If it's electronic, electrical or mechanical, we can usually renovate or repair it. We have built up a wonderful reputation over the years with a loyal clientele. If you're not in our area and the item can be delivered, collected or posted, we are more than able to arrange this from anywhere in the world. We have also built a stock of tens of thousands of spares and components ranging from many obsolete tubes/valves and transistors to drive belts. We work on a FREE quote service on an item, in that we price the repair service of renovation before anything is done, to let you decide if the item is worth working on, or if WE think the item is worth spending the money on. All credit cards, checks and PayPal are accepted.